Generational Attitudes on Work

November 16, 2022

This week, there is new research on generational attitudes toward work, life’s unpredictability takes center stage, and extremism limits human potential.

In the News

Hiring Trends: Insight on a few major hiring trends has been compiled by Here are some highlights:

  • Layoffs: Facebook will eliminate 10,000 of their employees, or 13% of their workforce. CEO Mark Zuckerberg attributes this move to previously hiring too many workers but this could be a sign of broader-scale economic uncertainty. Lyft, Amazon, and Apple are also announcing layoffs.
  • STEM is Still Popular: Companies may struggle to find workers with the right mix of technical skills, but they do have an easier time hiring for roles with job titles like Data Scientist, Business Analyst, and Technical Support.
  • The Skills Gap: Some of the wage gains that we have seen recently may have happened because of an under supply of high skilled labor.
  • Healthcare is Hiring: Burnout, pandemic fatigue, and pandemic policy, have contributed to an exodus of healthcare employees. Now is a great time to find a job in this field.

Other News:
3 Day Work Week: Chick-Fil-A is experimenting with a 3 day work week to lessen employee burnout.
The Most Regretted College Majors: Journalism is the surprising winner.

What I’m Thinking About

Generational Attitudes on Work:
According to survey data compiled by the insurance company Prudential, younger generations are more likely than previous generations to say that changing employers every few years helps with career advancement. Many young people are also turning to gig work to boost their income.

  • 49% of Millennials and 48% of Generation Z don’t believe that a salary alone is enough to achieve their financial goals.
  • 70% of all workers surveyed have pursued or considered pursuing gig work. The rate is higher in Gen Z (81%) and Millennials (77%) .
  • 34% of those who pursue gig work say they are doing it temporarily until their main source of income can fully sustain their financial needs.

The shocking US midterm election results are a reminder that life is unpredictable. No matter what experts or conventional wisdom says, there is no divine guarantee that it is remotely true.

Similarly, the narratives we tell ourselves about our lives, careers, abilities, and self-worth may be also be out of touch with reality. We must test our assumptions to keep ourselves honest.

Quote to Consider:
“The greater the inaction of leaders, the more opportunities they lose because opportunities are always surrounded by uncertainty. All good things include uncertainty. And overcoming uncertainty requires courage.” – John Maxwell

Articles of the Week

DDC Article of the Week: Overcoming Division Starts with Ourselves

  • Political extremism is a menace. But deep down, extremism is a way of thinking and distraction is the fuel. Thankfully this viscous cycle can be overcome.

Thanks for reading. I’ll catch you next week.

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