The 4 Day Work Week

November 23, 2022

This week, the 4 day work week is evaluated by companies, our education system perpetuates injustice, and Ryan’s first guest column appears on the web.

In the News

Less Work, Same Pay: The 4 day work week was received enthusiastically in the United Kingdom by most of the 73 different companies who participated in the experiment.

  • The pilot program is part of a broader movement, led in part by the 4 Day Week Global, which seeks to mainstream the practice.
  • For a period of time, companies paid employees 100% of the salary and only asked workers to work 32 hours per week.
  • 86% of the participating companies favored continuing the practice.

Cracking the Whip: Elon Musk asked his Twitter employees to either “get hardcore,” or get out. Many employees chose the latter option.

Performance Reviews Annoy People: What did survey respondents cite as the most annoying part of performance reviews?

  1. 42.9% cited unclear goals
  2. 28.6% – lack of training
  3. 26.2% – poor evaluation structure
  4. 19.0% – lack of development

Other News:

Weaponization of TikTok
: Concerns build at the FBI about the Chinese government’s nefarious intentions with user data on TikTok.

Decades of Inflation: Inflation in October eased to a 7.7% year-over-year average. Many investors and economists have are optimistic that these upward price pressures will ease in the coming months. However, one financial expert has a different theory based on historical data thresholds that inflation will remain higher for the long term.

What I’m Thinking About

Young people are increasingly absorbing information differently than past generations. Reading is out and video is in so colleges are faced with a dilemma of whether to move toward more video content instead of written.

If this change is enacted, should we be concerned about a loss of intellectual rigor?

What do you think? Write to me, or leave a comment.

Quote to Consider:

“On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.” – Zero Hedge

^Words of wisdom.^

What I’m Reading

The Cult of Smart: How our broken education system perpetuates social injustice – by Fredrik deBoer

  • This is a fascinating angle on how social injustice persists in the US education system from k-12 to the post-secondary level. It contains a critical and thought-provoking analysis of how  attempts to push equitable outcomes are not only ineffective, but they may even exacerbate the injustices they seek to address.

Get this book in print or audio.

Articles of the Week

The Cost of Education Democratization: Making higher education accessible to more people is a popular idea, but if everyone goes to college, can college degrees still differentiate graduates from non-graduates? Would some college graduates still achieve more than others?
Love the (job) You’re With: When you do what you love, it is easy to love what you do. But a better approach is often to learn how to love what you do.

DDC Article of the Week: Will the real leaders please stand up?

  • Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow. Real leaders know when to follow people who know more than them. After all, “life’s a dance you learn, as you go” – even for leaders.

Other Fun Stuff

I “Can’t” HEAR You: Selective hearing is bad enough. Now, over-exposure to loud noises may put young people at risk of actual hearing loss. Now they have a double-whammy excuse.

Baby Names: The current 100 most popular baby names have been revealed, but the question remains: Who names their child River, Legend, or Atlas?

Hybrid Vehicles are SO Yesterday: Toyota is attempting to rebuild the reputation of the once popular Prius.

Ryan’s Got Opinions

Check out my first ever guest opinion column on the reasons to be optimistic about Elon Musk’s recent purchase of Twitter.

  • While you are at it, you won’t find a more level-headed political blogger than Richard Helppie, the owner of this Substack. Richard also hosts a podcast that is well worth subscribing to. Show him some love if you like what you see and hear as much as I do.

Thanks for reading. I’ll catch you next week.

Be well,


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