The Evolution of Work

This week, workers adapt to the changing professional landscape, Gen Z prefers iPhones, and employee leaves of absence are on the rise.

New information on worker trends has dominated the news recently. Read more about this in the Deep Dive Section of this Newsletter.

In the News

On-site work rising: More than 50% of workers across 10 major U.S. cities are now working on site. (CNN)

Part Time Work on the Rise: Newly released date reveals a shift toward increased part time work. (Daily Mail)

Remote Work Preferences: Here is a handy guide to which city you should reside in, based on your remote-work preferences. (Wall Street Journal – free article view)

Reasons for Gig Work: A survey reveals the reasons people turn to gig work. (Legal & General Group)

Other News

Apple is beating Android among Generation Z with 34% of all iPhone users coming from this generation. (Make use Of)

Leaves of absence are up 21% according to a survey. (AbsenceSoft

Video: See why wages in the U.S. are not keeping up with inflation. (CNBC)

A Deeper Dive: The Changing Work Landscape

While negativity tends to dominate all news cycles, the sky has never been so blue and the sun has never shined brighter when it comes to finding meaningful work that is not too hard on the soul. There is more abundance and professional opportunity in the world today than ever before. 

Unfortunately, many people are ill-equipped to capitalize.

Barriers to Work Fulfillment

Besides general gaps in career preparedness, many people find themselves in the doldrums of a historic and worsening mental health crisis. This trend is especially stark in younger populations as mentioned in last week’s newsletter

By contrast, older Americans tend to be more set in their ways and less aware of the dynamics in the rapidly changing workplace.

This is just one reason to share this newsletter with an older worker whom you know so they stay informed on all of the latest workplace trends. 

The Evolution of Work


Ideology is another huge barrier in an era where the personal has become political. Blaming companies, politicians, or capitalism for shortcomings has become more popular in some circles such as TikTok. (Business Insider) We are all entitled to our political views, however ideology should be chosen responsibly because it does have consequences. (Deep Dive Careers)

Remote Work

Remote work has unleashed an era of unprecedented work-life balance and enabled a generation of workers to live far more comfortably than before. Despite this great advance, the impact of mass remote-work on young people is less clear. 

Some are sounding the alarm. (CNBC)

Others argue that the trend must be embraced. (Marketwatch)

What I’m Reading

The Success Equation: Untangling Skill and Luck in Business, Sports, and Investing 

  • Michael J. Mauboussin

A human bias tends to attribute positive personal outcomes to skill and negative ones to bad luck. There is a continuum for luck and skill. Activities that are high in luck need a larger sample size to determine the level of skill. 

This has important implications for everything from sports to investing, to parenting and beyond. 

Quote of the Week

“The mind never views any part of the extended subject matter of knowledge without recollecting that it is but a part… It makes everything lead to everything else.” John Henry Newman  –  on the idea of a university and a liberal arts education.

Articles of the Week

Toxic Self-Help: Trying to help yourself is a positive intention, just make sure you’re not falling into these common traps and predatory tactics of self-help content creators. (Jordan Harbinger Blog)

Sacrifice: A sacrifice isn’t always worth it. Sometimes our minds play tricks on us. (Tynan)

Creation > Glory: The world doesn’t need you to be an influencer. Instead, it needs your labor, your expertise, your creations. It may not be glorious, but the market will reward you with money. 

The Way YOU Make Me Feel: People will remember how you made them feel, not what you did. (Charlie Brown – via Medium) (Not THAT Charlie Brown)

Not THAT Charlie Brown

New from the Deep Dive Careers Blog:

Confessions of a Personal Improvement Junkie

Much of the self-help industry encourages its followers to stand in their own way. Learn from my story about what happens when you try so hard and still spin your wheels.

Other Fun Stuff

The Radio Industry: Despite popular perception, radio listenership has remained remarkably stable in recent years. (Pew Research)

  • Revenue for US radio stations did dip in 2020, but it remains to be seen if the trend will continue. 
  • Podcast listenership is also on the rise, jumping to 41% in 2021 from 37% in 2020.

The Price of Burgers: Find the locations across the US with the cheapest and most expensive Big Macs. (McDonalds

The Ghost of Ghost Writers’ Past: ChatGPT has been already awarded credit as a co-author on some 200 published books. (Reuters)

Dad Joke of the Week

~ Child: Why couldn’t the pony sing karaoke?

Dada says: She was a little horse.” ~

That’s all for this week.

– Ryan

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