The Best and the Worst: A Recap of Deep Dive Careers’ First Year (Part 2)

I have long suspected that there is an underground niche of spreadsheet connoisseurs lurking on the internet just waiting to come together. The relative success of this article validates this suspicion. It received the most views and 3 likes in the first year without much promotion.


Crucial Conversations: Book Review & Summary

As explained in Crucial Conversations, to do so, one must be, “100% honest and 100% respectful.” Many individuals believe that honesty and respect cannot be conveyed in conversation at the same time. You may be one of these people. Due to this belief, people will either avoid speaking up or choose between being honest or respectful. This behavior is rational since fear of reprimand or losing esteem with colleagues, friends, and family is very real. This belief is referred to as the “fool’s choice.”