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Deep Dive Careers Weekly Wave

October 19th, 2022

This week I begin a newsletter on various career-related current events, hot takes, articles, commentary, and topics that are on my radar.

For the first post, topics include adrift youth, disciplined attention, and an exciting new paid family leave policy.

In the News

Kids These Days: Is Generation Z drifting their way into lackluster career prospects? Research suggests that increasingly, instead of going to college, many young people are doing nothing. Well, if anything, they are playing video games instead. This shift away from valuable skill-building opportunities that characterized prior generations may have a stark cost.

Those who retreat in this way are referred to as “disconnected.” According to the research, disconnected youth can expect to earn a median family income of $31,000 by the time they reach their mid thirties. This compares to $78,000 for their predecessors who either worked, went to college, or did both, in their youth.

High Pay or Autonomy: It is often thought that higher compensation drives more effort and productivity. However, a study found that the perception of autonomy has more of an impact.

Other News:

  • New York City Workers are no longer subject to the city-wide, Covid-19 vaccination mandate, effective November 1st, 2022.
  • Worker’s wage gains came in at a year-over-year increase of 5% in September. This is down .2% from the gains reported in August and far below the rate of inflation, which measured at 8.2% in September.
  • Core inflation, a measure which excludes volatile economic sectors like energy prices, reached its highest rate of increase in 40 years.

What I’m Thinking About

Directing Attention: The task of consistently directing our personal attention onto things that actually matter requires everlasting vigilance. In today’s world, attention is an increasingly scarce resource. Those who develop the discipline gain an advantage in the labor market.

A little humility and appreciation for the finer things in life both go a long way.

What I’m Reading:

“The 5 regrets of the dying: A life transformed by the dearly departing” – by Bronnie Ware
While the book arguably describes the author’s life in far more detail than necessary, the themes that she experienced do relate to the 5 major regrets that she observed while caring for the terminally ill. Just about anyone who wants to live a more rewarding or meaningful life should read this book.

Get it in print or audio format.

Quote to Consider:
“The highest purpose is to have no purpose at all.” – John Cage

Other Fun Stuff:

Career Related Articles

  • The Forest and the Trees: The forest is the broader picture. The trees are the details. Both are important but it is up to us to screw our heads on straight.
  • A clean slate: When we admit what we do not know and view life as the giant mystery that it is, we can think more productively, creatively, and even limit the influence of our own biases.
  • Identity is malleable: You may “be what you eat,” but you are also so much more.

DDC Throwback Article: Salary Negotiation and Baseball: It’s Playoff Time!
Salary Negotiation is all about gaining the advantage. To do this you have to be crafty… like a baseball pitcher who doesn’t throw fast.

I’ll catch you next week. Thanks for reading.

Be well,


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